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At Raves & Reviews, we don’t frown on affiliate reviews! You can take full advantage of the platform to help you make money with quality reviews in any or all of the 24 Featured categories and in more than 1,100 additional review niches! You’ll be able to include your affiliate links and earn a commission any time someone clicks over to make a purchase based on your recommendations! Sign up with your favorite affiliate hubs and let your reviews start putting money in your pocket!

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Whether you’re launching a new product line, offering sweet savings & discounts, or just want to let the world know more about your business, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to promote your own products & services with Promos & Deals and get fantastic feedback from our community of Reviewers in the process!

Tis The Season Gift Guides!

Got the holiday spirit? Raves & Reviews offers you another fantastic brand building & promotional opportunity with Tis The Season Gift Guides! Publish great gift ideas and recommendations for any occasion! Show off your expertise by sharing helpful holiday DIY, gift and decorating tutorials! You’ll have 60 popular Holidays & Celebrations categories, 40 Special Occasions categories, as well as the 12 Monthly and 4 Seasonal categories to get as niche as you want! 

Reviewer Media Kits & Self Serve Sponsorship Marketing!

When you feel you’ve met your Influencer goals you’ll be able to offer up your expertise and enjoy lots of free merchandise with Sponsored Reviews! Create and share your Media Kit so businesses & creators can reach out to you for a high-quality, honest review! Pair it up with a paid, sponsored Unboxing video, Reactions video, or other fun feature reviews! In addition to Sponsored Reviews, you’ll also be able to offer in-post marketing on behalf of your clients with text links, paid booster ads, paid sponsored content articles for The Spotlight, and even offer sponsored product testing! Set your own rates, enjoy direct transactions, and keep 100% of what you earn! It’s your business, you set the rules!

The Spotlight!

The Spotlight is our own in-house blog to help make Raves & Reviews an always informative, engaging place to hang out on the web! In addition to reviews & recommendations, you can publish articles to The Spotlight on a variety of topics for entertaining, high-quality content that will help build & strengthen your brand! With 38 popular categories, you’ll never run out of great content to write about! Find a sweet spot niche or explore all the options! 

The Year In Review!

Launching the end of 2022, and every year’s end thereafter, you’ll be able to offer up a fun retrospective look at the year before with a hopeful eye on the New Year to come. Consider it your own special Time Capsule to revisit as the years go by! Are you better or worse for wear?

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All of our Reviewer accounts include a beautiful, customizable profile that affords you a mini web presence here on the Raves & Reviews website linked to all of your Reviews, Spotlight Featurettes, Media Kit, and Gift Guides! Add a welcome video greeting! Help your profile visitors get to know you better! Build your Raves & Reviews brand! Promote your own website, social networks, and even advertise your business – it’s your space, make it shine! You’ll also enjoy members only commenting without worrying about trolls, bots, and other nonsense!

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The best part is that our Reviewers are never, ever in competition with one another! Our model is simple and elegant. The more our Reviewers provide quality, helpful reviews, the more our audience grows, which brings high octane, viral exposure for our reviewed brands by putting them right where everyone is already looking!

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