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Did You Know that Word of Mouth marketing is the number one most effective marketing strategy in the world?

It’s true!

Word of Mouth marketing in the form of online reviews plays a critical role in how todayโ€™s consumers evaluate and judge your business!

Before they do business with you, your potential customers read online reviews from a variety of websites relevant to the products or services you offer, and those reviews also greatly influence their shopping decisions more than any type of online marketing and advertising you spend money on.ย 

Online reviews arenโ€™t just a way for your customers to express their opinions about your products or services. Reviews also influence your overall search ranking, which can then be leveraged as marketing tools to improve your company’s reputation and increase revenue.

Online reviews and customer feedback contain invaluable data based on their experience with your business.ย 

The bottom line is that consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations made by friends or family.

Online Reviews Can Make Or Break Your Business!ย 

Research on consumer behavior has shown that 94% of consumers say they have avoided a business after reading negative reviews.

Online reviews in general can help potential customers get a more accurate picture of your business, which can increase customer confidence and make them much more likely to do business with you.

One of the most obvious advantages of online reviews is that they assist you in becoming more visible, which leads to improved local search rankings, more store visits, and increased sales.ย Google search results also take into account online reviews, which helps to boost your visibility in the search results. Online reviews account for 15.44% of Google ranking variables, according to a Moz study.

That means the more reviews you have online, the more your name will appear in search results, which will help you improve your rankings.ย 

Raves & Reviews Is Here To Help With That!

Get Reviewed is here to help propel you into that spotlight and keep you there with our dedicated reviews & recommendations service! Use it as a tool to help collect important information about your products & services, your company, and your brand, while also helping to keep you ranking high in Google search results!

Best of all, Get Reviewed is a completely free service that you can use any time you need it!

Here’s How It Works:

Each time you visit Raves & Reviews, browse our Reviewer Media Kits available from our participating Reviewers to find the best match for your needs. Our Reviewer Media Kits will provide you with important information about our Reviewers at a glance: their review history, experience, quality of reviews, ratings, and influential following. You’ll also find their policies and preferences in offering their services to you.

Our Reviewers do not charge you any fees to review your products & services, however, they may offer additional sponsorship opportunities you may wish to consider for a longer-term relationship in the future.

When you’ve found a Reviewer that best meets your needs, simply reach out to them in the manner specified in their Reviewer Media Kits to request a review and coordinate arrangements for their access to the products or services you want to be reviewed.ย 


The stipulations require that you make any physical products or offered services available to your chosen Reviewer at no cost nor expense to them under any circumstance, up to and including shipping and handling fees to and from the Reviewer and that our Reviewers are allotted up to 30 days to use and become familiar with any merchandise, or to take advantage of any services offered, before posting their Reviews.ย 

You understand that our Reviewers are under no obligation to accept your request and may pass or refer you to another Reviewer in some circumstances.

You understand that our Reviewers may have an adverse or negative experience with your products or services and may not provide a glowing testimonial in their honest evaluation, however, our Reviewers understand that their goal is to ultimately help you see your products & services through the eyes of potential customers and any negative feedback is still very useful information for you in the long term as it affords you an opportunity to make improvements or adjustments that can better serve your bottom line.

You are encouraged to reach out to as many Reviewers as you wish, any time you wish, and as often as you wish for a more diverse range of experiences with your company or brand.ย 

That’s it! That’s all there is to it.ย 

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