Reviewer Media Kits!

Each time you visit Raves & Reviews, browse our Reviewer Media Kits available from our participating Reviewers to find the best match for your needs. Our Reviewer Media Kits will provide you with important information about our Reviewers at a glance: their review history, experience, quality of reviews, ratings, and influential following. You’ll also find their policies, preferences and rates in offering their specialty review and sponsorship services to you.

Our Reviewers do not charge you any fees to review your products & services, however, they may offer additional paid specialty sponsorship opportunities you may wish to consider for a longer-term relationship in the future.

When you’ve found a Reviewer that best meets your needs, simply reach out to them in the manner specified in their Reviewer Media Kits to request a review and coordinate arrangements for their access to the products or services you want to be reviewed.ย 

You can also browse Sponsorship categories to find Reviewers that are aligned with your brand.


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